The bike cleat tool every cyclist needs.

The Cleat Key™ is a tool designed to help any cyclist properly install their road bike cleats. Use this tool, in conjunction with our Cleat Key Protocol, to properly install a bike cleat, and most importantly, set the correct cleat rotation angle.

A properly positioned cleat ensures maximum power and performance, and decreases the risk of injury. An incorrectly placed cleat can result in sub-optimal performance and injury.

Take control of your cleat fit!

Cleats set right, each and every time!

The Cleat Key takes the guesswork out of setting up your road bike cleats. Follow the simple protocol to get them in the right place. Position your cleats accurately and precisely.

Cleat fitting, demystified!

Quantifies the cleat rotation angle

The Cleat Key is the only tool designed to accurately set and quantify the most important part of your cleat position, the rotation angle. Duplicate the setting on different pairs of shoes, or on a new pair, with ease.

Cleat fitting, quantified!

Tested and validated. Used by thousands of cyclists and bike fitters.

It works! The protocol has already been used to set up the cleats of thousands of cyclists, from beginner to elite, including over 100 qualifiers to Ironman, IM 70.3, and UCI road cycling world championship events. Over 600 units sold in our Kickstarter campaign alone.

Cleat fitting, exemplified!

Shop-quality tool, made for bike shop pros and individual cyclists alike

Features robust construction and aircraft-grade materials that have been proven in years of shop service. Elegant and simple design, so you can now be your own bike fitter.

Cleat fitting, qualified!

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